Here's where it happens.
  • We wanted to get away from fancy resorts, tourist restaurants, and big tour groups.
  • We wanted to travel the back roads on local rattletrap buses and visit villages and rural areas. We wanted to eat in tiny little restaurants and wander slowly through open air markets.
  • We wanted to be surrounded by locals not by tourists, and we wanted to get into the culture, to see it up close, and have it all around us. We wanted to talk with the "just plain folks" of Mexico.
  • We didn't just want to come to Mexico; we wanted to be in Mexico.
We learned to be cultural tourists who truly were in the culture.
And now, we are happy to make it happen for you.

Cultural tourism is being with the people, talking and laughing with them, doing the big and
little moments of life with them, and finding the answers to "Who are they?" and "Why do they...?"
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Walk (safely) with the locals and stop to buy
from the stand where they shop.

Take a 2nd class bus out to where the
voladores fly, talk with the vendors.
Come and go when you want.

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Walk the malecon and listen to typical
Veracruz music. Sing along to
La Bamba. (It's from Veracruz.)

Buy a fresh mango from a street vendor
riding a three-wheeler. Or buy a
taco or hot dog.

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Be a tourist where almost all the tourists
are Mexicans.Get away from tour
groups and be among
Mexico's people

Travel using clean,safe, and modern
bus stations.Be free to go
where you want and
when you want.

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Culture is both living and past. Visit the
past cultures of the ancient peoples
who inhabitated the region.

Living culture gets hungry three times a
day. Explore the butcher areas of
the old market

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Slip into the beautiful cathedrals, churches and
chapels of Mexico. In Veracruz see the
glorious cathedral. In La Antigua,
visit the new world's
oldest chapel.

Go to grocery store more similar to the market your
grandparents and great grandparents
used.The owner of this store stocks
three thousand different items.

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Run down to the zocalo for a meal or just a
treat and listen to the marimba players.
Sometimes you'll hear six or
seven marimbas all
at the same time.

Head up to the cloud forests high in the Sierra
Madre Oriental. The ridgeline of the
mountains is only 80 miles from
the ocean's edge.

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Mexico is old and new. Enjoy the world
famous Xalapa Symphony Orchestra.
Xalapa is an easy day trip. It's often
called the Santa Fe of Mexico.

In Xalapa (also spelled Jalapa) tour the
anthropology museum. It's one of the
country's finest and largest.

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Across the region, you'll come across
street vendors in all kinds of nooks and
cranies throughout cities, towns, and

Stumble across great things. Here's a wash tub full of
octopus. Pretty soon it'll be cooked and ready to
serve. You schedule is yours, and so you can
hang around until it's ready and try some.

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Drop into a tortilla factory and watch huge kernels
of corns be ground, mixed, shaped, and
cooked. Try a fresh hot tortilla.

Walk ruins on your own or with a local tour guide.
Like everything else, do it at your own pace.
Linger over what's fascinating to you
and pass on by anything that's not.

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Here's a list of a few of the very many places to go and see and experience.

Living Culture of Mexico--Cities,
Cities, Towns and Villages to Visit
La Antigua (where Cortez landed)
Paso del Macho
San Lucero
La Mancha

Tlacotapec de Juarez (Puebla)
Anton Lizardo
San Juan de Ulua
El Lencero

and many more

Ancient Ruins of Mexico in the State of Veracruz
El Tajin
El Cuajilote
Museo de Antropologia de Xalapa
and many small sites

Ancient Ruins of Mexico Outside the State of Veracrz
Palenque (3-day trip)
Teotihuacan (3-day trip)
Monte Alban (3-day trip)
Cholula (2-day trip)

Contact Us: email info@ mexico cultural
Mexico phone number 229.207.1929
U.S. phone number (this is our San Francisco number, and it rings right through to us in Veracruz, Mexico) 415.939.4388
Or call our Washington DC number to ring through to us in Veracruz. 202.999.2942