We learned to be cultural tourists who truly were in the culture.
And now, we're happy to make it happen for you.

          Let us help you enter the life of Mexico.
                    Let us help you travel among the people of Mexico.
                               Let us help you participate in the culture of Mexico.

Here are the things we now know we lacked when we first started trying to know Mexico.
  • We lacked a safe homebase.
    • a homebase where we could leave our stuff and travel light on day trips and overnight trips,
    • a homebase that was centrally located with access to everywhere,
    • a homebase that was a fun place to hang out when we wanted an easy day,
    • a homebase right in the middle of so much that two or three minutes out the door and we were surrounded with things to do.
  • We lacked people who could help us with questions and situations.
    • people who would give us information without trying to sell us tickets or tours
    • people who could tell us about the things to do and places to go
    • people who could advise us about what bus to take, where to eat, from whom to buy
    • people who could provide us with a local to acompany us if we wanted.
    • people who could help us with the ins and outs of Mexico
  • We lacked a knowledge of where to go and how to do things.
  • We lacked a knowledge of banking, and communication.
  • We lacked a knowledge of emergency services.
  • We had no way to know which hotels and restaurants were safe.

Then we met Rosie, and from her we learned how to be Cultural Tourists.
  • What Rosie did for us we will do for you.
    • Rosie showed us that the very long list of things we lacked was nothing more than homebase and someone who could tell us the hundreds of things we needed to know.

    • We offer you the Homebase, and we offer you our knowledge and experience. This, plus your own sense of adventure and your curiosity about Mexico are all you need to become a cultural traveler.

    • Our homebase is half a block from the ocean's edge, two blocks from the beach, and a fifteen minute walk (walking because you want to be able to stop, and look, and talk to people) from the old and still vibrant city center.

    • Veracruz is a transportation hub. You can get anywhere in the state from here. From the shoreline to the third highest mountain peak in North America is only eighty miles. Environments underwater to mountain top and everything in between are close by--eco and adventure tourism abound, and the cultural variations found as one ranges from large city to areas totally rural is available to you.

    • So join us and let us help you truly experience Mexico and its people.

Home base with us. Use our knowledge and experience as if it were your own. Be free and equipped to join in the culture of Mexico.
  • We include
    • Room (in our old, traditional, and spacious Mexican home located half a block from the ocean)
    • Breakfast and a light evening snack in case you've gotten back late from a day trip
    • Help with planning your outings and trips
    • Help getting used to using local transportation
    • Introductions when they are of value to you.
  • Pricing
    • For one person 400 USD per week
    • For each additional person in the same room who comes with you, 250 USD per week (maximum of four people to a room)
Cultural tourism is being with the people, talking and laughing with them, doing the big and
little moments of life with them, and finding the answers to "Who are they?" and "Why do they...?"

Contact Us: email info@ mexico cultural
Mexico phone number 229.207.1929
U.S. phone number (this number rings right through to us in Veracruz, Mexico) 415.939.4388